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Creating the Landing Page for the Registration Site

Default Section & Icons functions

To start creating the registration home page, navigate to the Registration tab, then within the Content section on the secondary menu, click ‘Landing Page’.

Reg - Landing 1.png

You will see the Page settings and the Page Design sections on this page.

On the Landing Page settings, you have the option to either Enable or Disable the landing page.

If you select to enable the landing page, the users will land on the custom homepage when they visit the registration site.

Reg - Landing 2.png

 If you select to disable, the users will land directly on the registration form when they visit the registration site.

Reg - Landing 3.png

If you select to enable the landing page, it is time to get designing, click on the ‘Open page builder’ button on the Landing Page Design section. 

Reg - Landing 4.png

Editing the Landing Page Template

When you click on the ‘Open page builder’ button, you will land on the default template.

On this template, we have added several useful sections, including a header, a countdown timer, the sponsors banner, the speaker’s section, to name a few. (1).gif

But you can add more sections to your page by clicking on the ‘+ Add new section’ button which can be found at the bottom of the section editor list. 

First, let’s see how to edit an existing section. To edit, click on the ‘v’ icon to expand the editor. 

Reg - Landing 5.png

Depending on the section, you’ll be able to:

  • Upload images such as a logo, background, or profile photo of the speakers.
  • Set the colours of the background, widgets, radius and text.
  •  Add call-to-action buttons and navigation items, which will take the users to different sites. 
  • Add short texts in the Heading, Description and Subtext fields.
  • Write long content in the rich text editor field.
  • Adjust the image size, width, and height as well as the text alignment and size.
  • Add a date and time to enable the landing page to countdown towards the registration open or expiry date or the event date. 

There are different section types for you can choose from, and they are:

  1. Text-based hero - Features a logo with attention-grabbing text and a call-to-action button.
  2. Short Content Block – It features a heading and a short text block within a small section.
  3. Image with Text – Section with an image accompanied by a block of text.
  4. Horizontal Widgets – Display a collection of items, which can be useful for displaying people.
  5. Custom HTML – Allows you to create a custom section using HTML or CSS
  6. Page Header – Display a header with a logo, a call to action and navigation links.
  7. Map Section – Display a full-sized Google map spanning the full width of the page.
  8. Countdown Timer – This allows you to add a live countdown for your registration.
  9. Stacked Widgets – Display a collection of stacked widgets, which can be useful for displaying agenda.
  10. Image Links – Ideal for displaying the sponsors of the event.

You can add as many sections as you want, but the more sections you add to the Landing Page the longer it will be. 

Once you’ve finished editing the template, don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’!

Reg - Landing 6.png