People Library Management

The CC Platform treats all People in-app the same, whether they're an Attendee, Speaker, member of the Event Staff or a VIP. All People to do with your app need to be added to the People Library.

If your app is set as "Secure" in the Security Settings area, the app will require users to login when they first visit it. Only users who have been loaded into the People Library within the Dashboard will be able to login. The login screen asks for an email address, so ensure you add People to the Dashboard with email addresses if they need to log in to the app.

Note: You cannot give any users of the CC Platform access to the Dashboard. Only CC Support staff members can do this - so if you'd like to give any of your colleagues admin access to your app, please get in touch.

Adding People to Your App

There are a couple of different ways to add People to the People Library, either individually using the Dashboard in your web browser (Chrome is our favourite!) or by uploading an Excel template (exported from the cms via the import/export tab. . 

It is not possible to delete users from the People Library using an Excel template.

People Groups

Once People have been added to an app, People Groups are used to manage them. Think of Groups as buckets or tags to which people belong.

If you'd like to display a list of all attendees, for example, put all the attendees in a Group called Attendees. Then, a People Display module can list all users within that group (using the people display filter). The same goes for any other way you might want to organise People within your app. 

App Alerts can be sent out to specific groups, so thinking about how your app users are organised can help you define some sensible groups.

Please note: Group names have a maximum of 50 characters

To learn more about Group Management, click here.

Removing People

People can only be removed individually. If you'd like to delete all users from an app, please get in touch with a member of your CC support team.