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The Maps module is a way of adding static images such as floor plans or an interactive google map to the platform. Static images can also be pindropped which can link back to specific locations for specific sessions.

Firstly, add your map module through builder and give it a title.

If you wish to add a static image, click Add Module and give it a title. Select the Type of Map as an image. Upload your image. The CMS will accept either a png or jpeg file.

Once uploaded you can then add pindrops by clicking Add New pindrop. Name it the name of the room or area. You also have the option to change the colour here. Once saved you can then drag it into place on the map.

Now that the CMS recognises this as a pindropped location, sessions within the agenda can be linked to this.

If you wish to add a Google map, you first need to find this location google maps. Once located you can then click 'Share' and it will give you the option to have an Embedded Map Link. 

Navigate back to your maps module within the CMS, add a map and select Google Map. You can then paste the link taken from Google into here.

The Google Map will behave the same way it would be Google Maps and can be zoomed in and out etc. 

beta-cms.crowdcomms.com_apps_beckystrainingdemo_modules_173001_directlink_edit(Laptop) (10).png

beta-cms.crowdcomms.com_apps_beckystrainingdemo_modules_173001_directlink_edit(Laptop) (11).png