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Abstracts Module

Our brand-new Abstracts Module is ideal for engaging your delegates when presenting posters, images and PDFs. Fully interactive, this feature enables you to exhibit Abstracts in your Event App alongside engagement features such as group chat, Q&A, live poll and feedback surveys.

The Abstract Module allows you to organise your submissions into a list, making it easy to find and view the most relevant content. Each submission can be viewed on a detailed page, for a comprehensive review of the document. And with the ability to zoom into images and multi-page PDFs, users can get a closer look at the important details.

Alongside the release of the Abstract module, we are also updating the Q&A feature by adding an author or moderator response field. The Q&A response field is a valuable addition to the platform, providing users with a new level of longer-term interactivity and engagement. With this feature, users can ask specific questions related to the content and receive targeted responses that address their enquiries. We also simplified the 'Ask a Question' process down to one click!