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Managed Schedules

Managed schedules enable you to create a unique agenda for your attendees. You can tailor a specific set of sessions to individual users, or groups of users, simply by assigning them to the sessions you want them to see.

Managed schedules are distinct from 'Personal Agendas' which is a separate feature where users can build their own agenda for an event by 'favouriting' the sessions they wish to attend.

By default, all sessions within an agenda are visible to all users in the app unless they have had people or groups assigned to them as managed schedules. Any session designated as a 'managed schedule' session is hidden by default from the main agenda, and users will need to login to the app first in order to see the session. Once logged in, any sessions the user is added to will appear in the agenda on their app in addition to any 'public' sessions.

Dashboard Editing

If certain sessions are private within an agenda and not supposed to be visible to all users, you can edit the session in the Dashboard and head over to the "Other" tab, then "Managed Schedules" and add in the users who are allowed to see the session there.

If there are no users added in the Managed Schedules area of the Dashboard for a session, everyone in the app who can see that agenda can also see that session within it. As soon as anything is added to the Managed Schedules area for a session and the session is saved, that session is hidden from everyone in the app who isn't specified in the Managed Schedules area.

Importing and Exporting

It's possible to mass edit and create sessions on the CC Platform by importing and exporting agenda sessions using Excel templates. The Agenda excel template has one column called "Allowed People" and another adjacent column entitled "Allowed Groups".

The Allowed People column is expecting email addresses, comma separated, as below:,, 

The Allowed Groups column is expecting Group names as they're viewed in the Dashboard, comma separated, as below:

Admin, Attendee, Speaker

Updating Large Personal Agendas

If you're making a change to a large personal agenda, it can take up to 5 minutes for the changes to be reflected on all users of the app's devices. To force an update immediately, you can press the App Refresh button on the right side menu.