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Favouriting Sessions (Creating Personal Agenda)

In contrast to Managed Schedules, attendees can 'favourite' a session by clicking the star icon next to a session in the app agenda view. This will add the session to the attendee's event schedule on the app, allowing them to plan which sessions they wish to attend during the course of the event.  

Other than the users, the admin is also able to add users to the session’s favourite list via the CMS. The users can remove the session from their event schedule, regardless of whether the session by added themselves or an admin adds it for them. 

Fav - CMS.pngYou can export the current list of 'favourited' sessions from the 'Import/Export' tab of the agenda module on the CMS, allowing you to get an idea of how popular sessions are and allow for planning capacity.

Fav - CMS.png

In App

As an app user, it's possible to favourite sessions within an agenda. To do this, tap the "star" icon when in an agenda list view. You can also favourite a session when inside the session page, just click the "Add to my Agenda" button situated at the top right corner of the engagements section of the session page.

To view all the sessions you've favourited, click on the right-hand menu of the app and choose "My Event Schedule". You'll then see all the sessions within the app that you've personally favourited, as well as (if applicable) sessions which have been added by the event organiser by way of the Managed Scheduled, so you can plan your time at the event.

It's also possible to add these favourited sessions to your device's calendar by pressing the download icon on this page.

Fav - User.png