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Optional 2FA

How to Log In

Step 1: Enter your email address


N.B If this is your first time using our platform to access an event, then upon your first login you will then be presented with a mini reg form after entering your email

Step 2: Fill out your details and create a password


N.B. For each subsequent login you will be taken straight to step 3

Step 3: Enter your password


N.B If at any point you forget your password, you can select the ‘reset password’ option which will send a link to your email allowing you to reset.

Step 4: Optional 2FA

At this point you have the option to choose if you would like to add an added layer of security to your login process.


If you choose ‘ask me later’ you will be given the option again upon next login. If you choose ‘don’t ask me again’ then this additional screen will never appear again and you won’t be asked again about 2FA.

Should you choose to set up a device the process is as below:

Step 5: Setting up your 2FA Device


You can choose to either scan the QR code via your authentication app, or to manually enter the code.

If you are unfamiliar with authentication apps, then here are some familiar ones you may like to try:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Authy
  • LastPass
  • OTP

Once you have entered the code the app will be setup with your authentication device and will generate a 6-digit  code that refreshes every 60 seconds.

Enter the code generated by your app and click next:


You will then be logged into the platform.

N.B. If you log out and back in again within 24 hours you will not be required to use your authentication app again to verify. Upon your first login after the 24 hour period is over, you will be asked to authenticate again, but you will also at this point be given the option to ‘trust this device for 30 days’. If you hose to tick that box you won’t have to authenticate for another 30 days.


Additional Note: Your event organisers may have opted for one further required step and added a passcode to your event. If they have opted to do this, they will have provided you with a code that you will need to add directly onto the platform as the final step to log in.

Step 6: Enter your event passcode



Managing Your Authentication Device

You can manage the device you have set up, via your profile menu top right, at any point when logged into the platform.

To do this you need to go to ‘My Account’. Here you can edit the name of your device to remind you which device you used if you find it helpful. You can also delete your device from here. If you delete your device, you will then be able to add another one to your account.


If you delete and add a new device from here, you will then be taken through the same steps as before.


Lost Authentication Device

When you get to the authentication screen you have the option to select 'lost my authentication device'. You will then be prompted to contact your event organiser, so feel free to contact them directly without using this step. Your event organiser will then be able to reset the authentication device attached to your profile, alowing you to set a new one up from scratch again upon your next login.