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Platform Promotion

In order to ensure your app achieves high levels of usage and adoption rates, we highly recommend you use the below tools which have been tried, tested and typically result in adoption levels of 80% and above.

Promotion Top Tips

• Promote the app early with pre-event content, you can make real time updates to content and add new content as it becomes available
• Send more than one round of pre-event comms
• Include the benefits of the app in your promotional email; Why should attendees take the time to download the app?
• Utilise engagement pieces including Live Polling and Q&A to further drive up adoption and add value
• Ensure your keynote speaker is prepped to remind attendees to download the app if they haven’t already done so and highlight the features and benefits
• Send out a post event survey to add further value and take advantage of a captive audience
• Load presentations and other useful documents on the app pre and post event. These can have their own round of comms if appropriate

Pre Event HTML Email Template

To View the Email Template you can open the html file in your Internet Browser (we like Google Chrome). We recommend using an Email Marketing tool such as MailChimp or CreateSend to send the template. Simply upload the provided HTML file to your preferred provider tool. Make sure to NOT click inline css as the template has already been through this process.

Here's a guide for adding custom HTML templates to Mailchimp.

This email we provide is branded in line with your app and has been proven to greatly increase the levels of uptake compared with using standard event emails with a small section on accessing the app. This email also includes instructions on some of the key elements of your app. Feel free to suggest any changes to wording or different aspects of the app you would like us to promote and we will get this updated for you.

Housekeeping Slides

Include these slides during your introduction and get your keynote speaker to use these slides to introduce the app. This can be as simple as reading off the bullet points on each slide which will include how to access the app, what's available and how to take part interactive features.

Use the live polling slide including countdown timer and music for each polling question. This will make polling run seamlessly.

Using a QR Code for App Promotion

Sometimes it can be really handy to use a QR code for app promotion. Doing this is super easy!

It's important to understand how a QR code works. Let's consult wikipedia:

A QR code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera, and processed using Reed–Solomon error correction until the image can be appropriately interpreted. The required data is then extracted from patterns that are present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image. - Wikipedia

A QR code is a visual representation of information. What this means is that a QR code can contain a URL, a phone number or a piece of text like an ID for a user, etc. To learn how to use them to promote an app, read on.

Web App

To promote a web app, all which needs to be encoded in the QR Code is the URL to the app. Nice and simple! Many free websites exist which can be used to create a simple web URL based QR code. An example of a site you can use is below:

To use this site, paste the URL of your app in the first highlighted box, tap Create QR Code, then download the JPG.


Simply enter the URL of the app into the website and then "save" the QR code image.



Native App

It gets a bit more complicated when creating a QR code for a native app - because you need one URL for the App Store, another URL for Android (Google Play) - and then a "Fallback URL" for any device which scans it and isn't either of them - the web address to the app is what to put there.

To use this site, enter the App Name at the top, then the App Store URL, Google Play URL and a fallback URL at the bottom. Then, you can download the QR code from the button on the left. 





If you have an iOS device, you can test the QR code by opening the Camera app and pointing the camera right at the code - it even works if you're pointing the camera at the code displayed on a screen. Then look at the top of your device for a little popup - shown in the screenshot below.


Tap the popup and you'll be redirected to the app!