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Kiosk Manager


Kiosk Manager
Welcoming technology

Impress with a clever entry statement that revolutionises out-dated registration processes. This unique technology offers multifaceted ‘check-in’ options, short lines, engaging entry, immediate changes, full-colour double-sided badges, tailored messaging, fully branded designs and branded sponsorship opportunities.

Easy to setup and configure
  • Create, configure and activate kiosks at any time from the CMS
  • Configure multiple types to create specific registration areas for functions such as VIP or exhibitor check-in
  • Scan QR codes on in-app badges, SMS communications or emailed tickets
  • Use kiosk touch screens to enter a unique attendee access details to print badge
  • Integrates with Registration to collect details on-site
Companion app for staff
  • The Kiosk Companion web app enables registration staff to search, preview and edit attendee profiles live and reprint badges
  • Remotely monitor kiosk status and statistics
  • Web-based interface runs on desktops, laptops and smart devices
  • Accommodates last minute changes and attendee preferences
Revolutionise your registration area
  • Match to event theme with colours, graphics and branding
  • Designed to work with a range of hardware options
  • Rapidly produces double sided badges in full colour
  • Use smart attendee filters to create unique and dynamic badges