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Cookies on CrowdComms Apps

CrowdComms uses cookies to enable standard analytics and error reporting. We do not store or share any personal data in cookies. Below is a list of the cookies in use:

Google Analytics

We use standard GA tracking cookies on all apps. These allow us to track pageviews and events like viewing documents or agenda items. All data sent to GA is anonymous. For specific information, refer to Google's documentation.

MUX Data

Mux provide video hosting and streaming services for CrowdComms. We also use their data services to track things like how many views a video has received, how long users watched videos for and things like the user experience score. MUX also tracks rough geographical locations of viewers. MUX cookies store an anonymous user ID that is used internally by MUX to differentiate views.

We use sentry to track issues with the platform, including logging errors and performance metrics. Data sent to sentry is anonymized. Sentry may create cookies during usage of the app if an issue occurs but this is not always the case