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Security Settings and Login options

Login Options:
  • Public: Anyone can access via your custom URL and access without having to login
    • Important: Users will still need to login in order to watch streams and on demand videos. This is done to ensure analytics are available. 
  • Private: Anyone can login however they will need to login with an email address and create a password. Any email address will be accepted.
  • Secure (Default setting): Only your registered users (The list of users loaded on the CMS) will be able to login with their registered email address. On first access, they will need to create their own personal password. 
You can then add additional levels of security to any of the above login options
  • Passcode - Create a generic passcode that attendees have to enter in addition to the login option you've selected. For example Secure login option and passcode would result in the below: 
    • User has to enter registered email address
    • User creates a personal password on first login
    • User then enters the generic passcode promoted to them
  • Email Validation - If you opted for Private or Secure where users have to login in order to access, you can require them to click a link in their email in order to gain access to the platform. Important: For high profile events, this should be the go to setting or alternatively hide attendee list and session chat to avoid any associated risk. 

Secure is the default setting and the most common option ensuring only registered users have access. Additional levels of security are often seen as over the top and result in more complex login process for users. The specific event and content requirements will determine which is the best option.