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Kiosk QC

Software QC

This needs to be completed by a member of the Entegy build team (Dav, Rich, Mika or Amine)

  • Has the client agreed the badge design?  
  • Have the relevant design assets been uploaded to the core? 
  • Have the relevant colours been set in the core? 
  • Ensure that name search is enabled (if required) - instructions on how to enable name search are here
  • Ensure kiosk manager is configured correctly in the Core
  • Correct badge is selected
  • Correct badge print side is selected
  • Correct badge rotation is selected
  • Colours and image assets are correct
  • IMPORTANT: Under Kiosk manager 'Global Settings' ensure 'Scanning Format' is set to 'Badge Reference'. Click 'Save' even if correct in the CMS.
Attendance Tracking
  • Are any attendance tracking rules up to date and valid?
  • Access codes provided to client
  • Perform test scans
Lead Capture
  • Check CMS is set to allow duplicate email addresses
  • Check Exhibitor reg form has been activated and profile type forced to 'Lead Capture'
  • Access codes provided to client/end users
  • Perform test scans


Hardware QC

This needs to be completed by Kieran or Jacob before equipment leaves the office.

  • Test print a badge of each type and check how they look  
  • Test scan a QR code  
  • Check badge design – if using butterfly badges, is there a bleed? (does the badge design extend over entire the stock?) 
  • Is name search/reg form working as required  
  • Check a sample of the attendee list  
  • Decals received/collected 
  • Check what is packed against pack list  
  • Check badge stock and inks
  • Do any of the kiosks require windows software updated. If so update for the duration of the event. Updates default to 'on' with each restart.