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Live Poll CSS

When customising a live poll, sometimes you may want to adjust certain aspects of the design which are not available to change as a setting. This is where Live Poll CSS comes in handy!

VW = Relative to 1% of the width of the browser window size. If the viewport is 50cm wide, 1vw = 0.5cm.

To apply any of these CSS tweaks, paste the snippet into the live poll theme CSS area and press save. 

Question Text Size

The default font size of question text is 3vw. This CSS changes the size of all question headers. 

span.poll-layout--header-text {

Answer Text Size

The default font size of answers on a multiple choice question is 2vw. This snippet changes the answer text and the percentage text size so they stay consistent. 

span.choice-poll-title, div.choice-poll-bar--percentage {