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End-User Login Options

For platforms requiring login, there are various login options for front end users as per below. Based on which option you have chosen with regards to 2FA, there will be a slightly different log in flow for users. The types are as below:

Disabled (Email & Password Login)
This is the login process as you currently know it, with no changes. Users will not be given the option to set up 2FA during the login process.

Optional (Optional 2FA)
After going through the standard process of inputting their email and password, users will be given the option to set up a 2FA device at login, but it is not compulsory. They can opt for 'ask me later' if they don't want to do it at that moment, or they can select 'don't ask me again' in which case this screen will never appear again when logging into the app.

Email verification (Mandatory 2FA)
This option means that 2FA is required, however front-end users can choose between an authentication app, or verification via a code being sent to their email.

Authenticator app (Mandatory 2FA via Authentication App)
It will be mandatory for users to set up an 2FA via an authenticator app in order to log in.

Feel free to share the relevant guide below for guiding users through the process: