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Business Cards

Improve delegate engagement with custom contact card designs that can be left virtually anywhere around the event app. Scan or swap them with other delegates, leave them behind at exhibitor stands and build up a list of contacts to download and take away from the event.

The user guide below will show you how to set up standardised business card designs in your CMS Dashboard for your delegates to use in your Event App. We’ve also included guides for your delegates to follow so that they can easily personalise their card, add their own bespoke design and quickly get to grips with how to exchange their card with other delegates.

1. Setting up Business Cards in CMS
2. Logging in to the Event App and Setting up Privacy Preferences – Guide for your delegates
3. The Business Cards Page on the Event App – Guide for your delegates
4. Customising Business Cards on the Event App – Guide for your delegates
5. Exchanging Business Cards with Other Delegates and Companies – Guide for your delegates