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Wi-Fi & Data Requirements


The CrowdComms platform is lightweight in terms of data requirements however it is recommended that all users access using a strong and stable internet connection to ensure a seamless experience. Once installed (mobile app) or open in browser (web based version) on user devices, the general rule is that if there is sufficient WiFi bandwidth to allow all users to concurrently use BBC News or comparable websites, this will be suitable to provide your audience a smooth experience when using the CrowdComms platform. 

A key consideration when arranging WiFi is that the specific requirements will depend on what you are looking to do at your event. To give an example, if you have other services outside of CrowdComms using bandwidth, you will need to take this into consideration when arranging WiFi.

WiFi Requirements

If interactive features such as live polling are taking place, we recommend having a minimum of 15KB (upload bandwidth) per-user, so for 500 attendees, we would recommend having a minimum 7.5MB (500x15 = 7500KB = 7.5MB) upload speed. This is based on each user voting on a question at precisely the same time, which whilst unlikely to happen, it's recommended to allow for the highest data usage scenario to ensure you are covered.  

As mentioned in the introduction, if you have other data hungry services taking place alongside the CrowdComms platform, it is essential to account for this when arranging WiFi. Ideally having these services on a dedicated WiFi connection.

Users have the ability to impact the performance of WiFi. For example if your connected users (attendees etc) are using the WiFi to stream videos, are sending images on Whatsapp etc or are backing up their devices, all of this will use your WiFi allowance impacting the available data intended to allow your users to utilise the CrowdComms platform. 

The mobile app version of the CrowdComms platform is typically a 3-10 MB initial download - when an attendee downloads the app for the first time only. Repeat visits will not require a download. We recommend promoting to your users pre event reducing burden on WiFi of everyone trying to download on the morning of the event. Accessing the web based version is more lightweight and doesn't require a download.

  • Ensure there are sufficient access points for all delegates to access the WiFi concurrently. Some delegates will be accessing the WiFi on more than one device e.g. phone and tablet
  • What is the delegate experience when logging onto the WiFi? The recommended experience is a named SSID with password rather than logging in via browser. Request this from the venue. 
  • Ensure the WiFi does not disconnect after a certain amount of inactive time or attendees will have to keep signing in
  • There needs to be enough bandwidth for users to comfortably browse the internet and send and receive emails. Some venues might restrict bandwidth to each device, in this case we recommend a minimum of 3Mb per device. In practise lower bandwidth can comfortably support the CrowdComms platform, 3Mb per device ensures ample data for all users to have a seamless experience. 
  • Important: It is essential to do speed tests ( to ensure the WiFi is as communicated by the venue. This needs to happen before the show begins to allow the venue to troubleshoot any issues. 
Session Engagement: Must Haves
  • For interactive live displays to show the results on digital displays around the venue for live polling, Q&A, and Game leaderboard, this requires a hardwired internet connection accessible from the AV desk (dedicated minimum of 3 Mb up and down).
    • In practise, the results displays will update on WiFi however to ensure a smooth experience we highly recommend having hardwired internet connection with dedicated data outside of the data allowance being used by users / attendees. 
  • AV setup will need to provide a smooth switch unit to transition seamlessly from the slide laptop to the CrowdComms show laptop or to a second laptop showing the live display results managed by your team or your AV team
  • Space at the AV desk for CrowdComms onsite resource or your resource managing polling / Q&A and space on the table for two (2) laptops
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