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Q: Do all the delegates still need to be registered on the site as usual?
A: No if they’re logging in via their company’s directory. With SSO, the user’s basic information such as First name, Last name, Email, and Phone number will be auto-populated in the event app.


Q: My event will consist of delegates from my own company and speakers from outside the company, can I still use SSO?
A: Yes, delegates from within the company who has been authenticated will be able to utilise the SSO function. The speakers from outside the company will be able to log in to the event app using their username and password.


Q: Not everyone in my company’s Active Directory will be invited to my company’s event, can I still use SSO and tailor only the relevant people to have access to the event app?
A: Yes, once your business IT contact has set up the SAML2, you can work with them to decide who from your company should get delegate access to the event app.