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We will need the following details from your Adyen account:

  • API Key
  • Merchant Account
  • HMAC Key


Log into your Adyen account and follow the steps below:


  • Click on Developers > API credentials > Create new credential

  • Select Web service user and click on Create credential

  • In Client settings, click on Generate client key

  • In Server settings, click on the Copy icon next to Generate API key > Save Changes and copy/paste your API key in the API key field in Make sure you copy and securely store the API key in your system - you won't be able to see it later.

Merchant account

  • Click on Settings > Merchant accounts and copy/paste your Merchant account name under Account code in the Merchant account field in

HMAC key

  • Click on Developers > Webhooks in the left side bar menu > Webhook in the top right corner > Add

  • Click on View classic page

Configure webhook settings for Idloom

  • Enter as URL

  • Select TLSv1.2 as SSL Version

  • Tick the Active box

  • Select HTTP POST as Method

  • Click on Additional Settings > Generate new HMAC key > Save Configuration and copy/paste your HMAC key in HMAC key field in

  • Lastly, enter a reference in the Reference field, such as “idloom”. It will serve as reference to know where the transactions come from.