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Gamification Module

Gamification is broken down into two different types; challenges and triggers.

Both are used as a way to encourage attendees to interact with the platform, usually by awarding points for certain actions and answers. A leaderboard of points can be viewed by the attendees in the module or there is also an external live display of the leaderboard which can be displayed during live events.

To add a Gamification module, navigate to Builder and select Game Display. Then click Add Challenge and add a title for it. The Challenge question needs to be added into the challenge description.

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You can also add a relevant image if needed.

The correct answer is then entered into the Answer section. The spelling of the answer must be correct to gain any points attached to the challenge but it isn’t case sensitive.

You can set a maximum number of attempts each attendee can take on this challenge before they cannot win the points or you can leave it with no limit. 

Youu can also import your challenges via the spreadsheet template.

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Once saved it will automatically appear in the Open section. However, you also have the option to Hide or Close them. 

You are able to see how many points each attendee has by searching for their name in the People's Point section. 

Under the People's Points section you also have the chance to manually add or take away points for individual's profiles. 

Within the Leaderboard tab, you can view or customise the leaderboard to the event's branding. 

Within the Settings tab, you can also add instructions for the challenge under the Game Information. 

There are also other settings within this tab which can be turned on. If you want all points from different challenges and triggers to collate onto one leader board then you will need to turn on the 'Show scores for the whole app on the leaderboard ( including all modules and points awarded for triggers )' option. 

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