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Introduction to the integration options (Video)

Registration Platforms with existing API Integration 

Each come with a step by step guide in this chapter. If you need further support please contact live chat or your dedicated Project Manager. 

  • Aventri
  • Cvent
  • Eventboost 
  • Eventbrite
  • Eventsforce
  • idloom
  • Typeform 

Export & Import

Simply export your registrant list from your registration platform and import list into the CrowdComms Platform 
  • Instantly available and included within standard platform package
  • Go to your registration platform and export your registrant list
  • Go to the CrowdComms dashboard (CMS) and go to the people section 
  • Export the people template from the CrowdComms dashboard 
  • Match up your export from the registrant platform with the provided template leaving the A column blank
  • Import the updated template into the CMS and this will pull through your registrant list into the CrowdComms platform
  • The people imported will now have access to the CMS and appear within the attendee list providing you've created an attendee module to be visible on the front end
  • You can repeat this process as many times as required by exporting the latest excel from the CrowdComms dashboard, adding your recent registrants and reimporting 


Create an API integration with the CrowdComms Event Platform 

  • Setup API Integration using our public api -
  • This will require development work from the registration platform. All the details are outlined on the Public API including end points and how to create the required integrations 


Use Zapier to build integrations with supported apps

  • Zapier is a platform that facilitates integrations between supported apps - View supported apps here
    • Important: In order to use the Zapier integration, your third party solution or internal solution must be supported on Zapier. 
  • There are costs from Zapier relevant to the data transferred - Zapier Pricing
  • The CrowdComms platform can be integrated to third party apps using Zapier. CrowdComms maintain a platform that is compatible with Zapier, however the setup and implementation of a Zapier integration is not a service CrowdComms offer and therefore is managed by the CrowdComms customer. 
Steps to setup Zapier integration: 
  • Login to your Zapier account
  • Use this link to access CrowdComms on Zapier
  • From here, you will be able to integrate CrowdComms with the other supported app including the automatic transfer of people profiles, custom fields and groups. 

Note: CrowdComms provide an in platform registration offering, along with integrations with a number of leading registration providers. Zapier is an option for customers to self manage integrations with their preferred platforms where an integration does not currently exist and import / export is not suitable. 


Custom Integration
In order to investigate any custom integration, please send the below information for the required platform integration. 
  • Public API for the third party software 
  • Details of exactly what is required from the API integration i.e. what data will need to be transferred
  • Details of any existing integrations and how these have been set up in the past

Please note custom integrations are not always possible and the above information will be required to explore feasibility, costs and timelines. Custom integrations will be considered and if appropriate scheduled taking into consideration existing development commitments. Any custom integration can take significant time and requires extensive testing in order to implement.