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Activity Feed


The activity feed is an internal social wall where users can share photos, videos, and comments. Users can scroll through the feed, like, and comment on existing posts, as well as reply to comments.

This feature is ideal for internal events where sharing on public social media is not an option. Administrators have moderation capabilities to ensure content quality and appropriateness.

You can create multiple activity feeds for different topics and control which groups can access specific feeds via the left-hand navigation menu, providing a tailored and organized user experience.

Example activity feed: 



Moderation Overview

  • Moderation via the CMS provides administrators and designated moderators with robust tools to manage and curate the activity feed wall effectively.
  • To manage the activity feed, navigate to Modules and select the Activity Feed module (ensure this module is created first; refer to the earlier instructions for setup).
  • In the Settings tab Moderators can customize the title and icon of the activity feed to match the community or event context, and this title can be edited at any time.
  • The activity feed module visibility can also be toggled on/off at anytime or can be customized to only be visible for specific groups.
  • Within the same tab you'll find two toggles to enable or disable moderation for posts and comments.
  • Within the Client Moderation section on this tab, you can assign individuals or groups as moderators. These moderators will have the capability to moderate posts and comments directly from the front-end application, including options to delete or hide posts.
  • CMS moderators can control the ability for front-end users to add new posts to the wall by toggling the relevant setting. When enabled, users will be able to post to the wall. 
  • To view and manage existing posts in the CMS, select the Posts tab. Here, moderators can pin posts and arrange them in a flexible order based on when the pinning action occurred.
  • Additionally, front-end moderators can pin posts directly within the feed. Pinned posts will be displayed chronologically, based on the time they were pinned, ensuring a logical and organized presentation.

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