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10. Joining a virtual meeting and virtual meeting in progress

Joining a virtual meeting

1. There are multiple ways for you to join a meeting, and they are:

a. Via alerts which you receive 5 minutes before the meeting is due to start. They will appear on a pop-up message on the top right-hand of the Event App.

b. Via an ‘Upcoming’ meeting card and by clicking on ‘Join Meeting’ on the card.

2. Please remember, if you join a meeting before the start time, you may have to wait in the virtual meeting room until the other person enters the room.

Virtual meeting in progress

1. When you click the ‘Join Meeting’ button, you will be taken to the ‘Meeting Details’ page and a one-to-one video call pop-up will appear with a joining instruction.

2. Click on ‘Get Started’ button. You will then be prompted to check your camera and audio settings.

3. Then click the ‘Join Call’ button.

4. If you’re the first person in the room, you’ll see the other party once they join the meeting room.

5. During your one-to-one virtual meeting, you can add notes and tags to your meeting in the ‘Meeting Details’ page.

6. On this page, you can see information including:

a. The person you are in the meeting with

b. Their job title and company (If applicable)

c. The day, date and time of the meeting

d. The location (This will always be Virtual Meeting)

e. A countdown timer of the remaining time left for the meeting

f. Notes – You can use this field to take notes whilst in the meeting

g. Tags – Prompt words which you can select during the meeting

7. To end your meeting simply click on the ‘End Call’ button.

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