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Step five: Libraries: Video Tutorial


This video gives a short intro to the role libraries play, after which you can access our guides for specific libraries using the hyperlinks below.

People: The people library will play a role in every event as the repository for user profile information and controlling access.

Companies: Create visually engaging booths which can display a host of content about your sponsors or exhibitors.

Locations: Manage and view any location labels you have created

Live Streams: View and edit your Live Streams and get info such as stream key, or live viewing figures.

Zoom Meetings & Webinars: Import and manage events from your Zoom account using our integration.

Breakouts: Manage your breakout rooms which can then be linked to agenda sessions.

Videos: Upload and manage your on demand videos for display within an agenda session or our dedicated "Video Library" module.

Documents: Upload and manage your documents ready for linking to a relevant module.

View and download images uploaded elsewhere in the platform, or upload new images in bulk, ready to be linked through to your modules.

Live Polls:
Here you can create and setup your poll questions and then run them during the session, with the ability to cue questions and preview the results live.

Surveys: Create and edit surveys using a variety of question types, and export your results.

Q&A: Create and set up container for user submitted questions during your live event.

Smart Sessions: Setup and manage room access, timings branding and more for your smart sessions.