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Platform Quality Check

Whilst you can make real time changes once the platform is live, it's imperative to the project success to get everything right before launch.

With this in mind, a thorough quality check of the setup is needed so that you have confidence everything is working as intended, and to ensure your invited audience have a great experience from the get go. 

Important: Help is available 
  • If you struggle with any of the below checks, you can request guidance on live chat on the CrowdComms Admin Dashboard as to where and how to test the specific point 
  • CC Support Pack, or Review Call can be added to your package (if this isn't already) to give you enhanced service to include going through this QC process with a CrowdComms expert. 
  • Test accessing the platform via the custom url and native app options depending on platform you have gone with 
  • Review the security settings to make sure these are fit for purpose
  • Is the branding and look and feel representative of your desired output on desktop and mobile 
  • Do all the home screen options, menu options (both on desktop and mobile), link to the correct areas 
  • Is all the engagement setup and working in line with your project requirements
  • If relevant: Have you applied customisation for live displays for engagement features
  • Is the content fit for purpose and includes images and videos where appropriate to elevate the user experience
  • For any group related content, are groups setup correctly and relevant areas showing depending on group. You can add and remove yourself from groups to test this. 
  • Are any hidden areas of the platforms setup and ready to be shown at the correct time
  • Are the platform comms that can be scheduled ready to go
Detailed step by step QC

The below QC test involves a full check of the platform build on both desktop and mobile, ensuring completion of all modules, full functionality testing, GDPR/Security compliance checks and testing for Live Stream production if required.

General Checklist

  • Platform Access - as standard, please check on both Android & iOS devices
  • Web access – URL check on desktop (PC/MAC)
  • Web access - URL check on iPhone/Android
  • CC portal - iOS & Android
  • Native - iOS & Android (if applicable)
  • Access via Client portal - iOS & Android (if applicable)

Platform Setup Checklist

  • Confirm time and date
  • Confirm security settings
  • Confirm managed platform access (2FA, SSO, Passcode/Email validation) (if required)
  • Confirm privacy settings (including any custom text)
  • Confirm access to RH sidebar, including My Profile and Account Settings
  • Emails in for profiles
  • Speaker profile images provided
  • GDPR compliant
  • Company profile booths populated (if applicable)

Specific Feature Checks (if applicable)

  • Check CSS has not affected/broken any features
  • Test session chat
  • Test Live Q&A
  • Test Live Polling.  Check Polling screen is branded.
  • 1-2-1 Video calls
  • CC breakouts rooms
  • Zoom Integration - linked to agenda sessions
  • Check  requirement for PWA Functionality
  • Check Business Cards has been enabled and Card Sharing has been toggled ON
  • Check Meeting Booking has been enabled.  Check room opening times
  • Smart Sessions 
  • Gamification - verify game information and points allocation

Alerts Checklist 

  • Check delivery across web browser
  • Check delivery onto CC portal app (iOS and Android)
  • Check delivery onto Native app (if required)

Live Streaming (if applicable) Checklist

  • Live streams linked to sessions
  • Holding poster provided for sessions

Platform Modules Checklist