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Sponsor and Exhibitor Reporting


Sponsors and exhibitors have profiles within the platform including, logo, bio, social media, documents and linked representatives who can be contacted through the platform by users. 

Reporting to quantify the exposure received is outlined here. 

Please note: 

  • All available analytics and reports are outlined within this Analytics and Reporting section. 
  • Data included in reports that identifies the user includes first name, last name and email address.
  • If you need to analyse further user data such as group or custom fields, this can be achieved by cross referencing the reports available and the people export. 
Sponsor & Exhibitor Analytics 

Real time reporting available from the CrowdComms dashboard (CMS)

  • Page views for specific companies linked to the platform including sponsors and exhibitors. 
  • Option to view companies by group to further analyse exposure i.e. look at page views for companies who are Sponsors or Exhibitors.
  • Page views / number of clicks for documents including those linked to sponsor and exhibitor profiles. These are typically marketing documents used to promote the companies offering. 


Post event reporting, available on request from your allocated support specialist 

  • Excel report showing breakdown of who viewed a company profile including sponsors and exhibitors. 
  • Excel report showing breakdown of who clicked on documents including documents linked to company profiles.
  • Excel report showing breakdown who stream views and who watched. If you have a sponsored session, this session will be included in the stream report
  • These reports are avaialble 48hours post event due to the data being aggregated from Google Analytics before being avaialble in usable report.