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Business Cards Page on the Event App

1.    Once you’ve logged in to your Event App, you will be able to find the business card feature on the Business Cards page. 

2.    To go to the page, click on the right-hand menu, where you can see your initials, and click ‘Business Cards’. 

3.    On this page, you’ll be able to edit your card, open the card scanner, view the QR code for your card, accepts request to exchange and many more. 

4.    In your Contacts list, you can find the list of cards you initiated the exchange with.

5.    You can download individual cards or download all of the cards on your deck. 

6.    If you click on the download button, you will receive a spreadsheet with the information which appears on your contacts’ cards and these can vary depending on the information they included. 

7.    You can sort the cards according to the time they were added to your list, or alphabetically. 

8.    You can also search for specific cards, which will then only show the cards from the keyword search that you use. 

9.    Finally, if you wish to remove a business card from your contact list, simply click on the delete icon.

Business Card page.png