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3. Import/Export Meetings on the Dashboard (CMS) - Coming Soon!

Import Meetings Overview

Introducing our powerful new Import Meeting Booking feature designed specifically for event organisers! Simplify your event planning process by uploading a spreadsheet with all your planned meeting details, including crucial fields like 'Id,' 'Owner,' 'Start Time/Date,' 'End Time/Date,' and 'Subject.' With just a few clicks, you can bulk book meetings for attendees, saving you precious time and effort. Once imported, our CMS will display a subset of this information in a user-friendly table for easy organisation and tracking. Monitor real-time stats on your meetings status, ensuring you stay on top of your event's schedule. Streamline your event management and enhance attendee experience with our innovative Import Meeting Booking feature!

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Importing your Meetings

To begin importing your meetings, enter the app via the CMS and navigate to the 'Features' tab on the lefthand side menu, from here in the secondary menu select 'Meeting Booking' and from the drop down select 'Import Meetings'.

Once within this section you will see two buttons, 'Example Template' and 'Import File'. Select 'Example Template' to download your importable file, fill in the necessary criteria.

Template Details
  1. Id - You may specify the meeting ID or one will be auto generated upon upload.

  2. Organiser (email)

  3. Start time & date (format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)

  4. End time & date (format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)

  5. Type (delegate to delegate or delegate to exhibitor)

  6. Location

  7. Subject (text)

  8. Invite (message text)

  9. Status (Cancelled / Scheduled)

  10. Company (Name of the company - text)

  11. Use company location (Yes/No)

  12. Smart sessions room (Room name - text)

  13. Virtual platform (Breakout / Smart Sessions)

  14. Participants (comma-separated emails)

Please note that Locations for physical/in-person meetings will need to be added prior to the import. This can be done on the 'Meeting Settings' tab. For more information please see here. Please also note that to create meetings via this feature you will first need to be added to the people library before importing your spread sheet.

Once complete, save the file and return to the CMS dashboard. Navigate to the Import Meetings tab and select the 'Import File' button. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to drag and drop your file for import, or you can browse your desktop to find the desired file.

After the import is finished, all meetings will be automatically accepted and added to your attendees' calendars and can be viewed on the 'Meeting List' tab within the Features > Meeting Booking secondary menu. You will also have the option to cancel these meetings if necessary.

Export Meetings Overview

To view your recently imported meetings and all current delegate meetings navigate to the 'Features' tab on the lefthand side menu, select 'Meeting Booking' and from the dropdown select 'Meeting List'. Here you will be able to see a table displaying your meeting details.

Table Column Options
  • Meeting Type

  • Organiser
  • Invited

  • Accepted

  • Declined
  • Pending
  • Start Time
  • Duration

  • Location

  • Status Bar

At the top right of this page there is a new button 'Export Meetings' which enables you to export the complete list and type of the meeting details from the table to an excel file.

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