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8. Accepting and declining meetings

[This is where you go to accept or decline meetings following an invitation or to view the status of meetings that you sent out]

1. Click on the right-hand menu, where you can see your initials, and click ‘My Meetings’.

2. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see My Meetings along with several tabs at the bottom, click ‘Requests’.

3. You may also see a number next to this, this represents the number of meeting requests awaiting a response.

4. You can also filter them by ‘Sent’ or ‘Received’ only.

5. The ‘Sent’ tab will show all the meeting requests you sent out to other delegates or sponsors/exhibitors. You’ll also be able to see the status of your meeting requests:

a. Pending – Waiting for the receiver to accept or decline

6. The ‘Received’ tab will show you all the meetings requests which have been sent to you by other delegates. You can either:

a. Decline* – Once declined, this invite will disappear from your list

b. Accept – Once accepted, this invite will appear in your ‘Upcoming’ meeting list

*Occasionally, you can only see the ‘Decline’ button, this means that the organiser of the meeting is no longer available to attend the meeting.

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