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Essential Tasks

1. Platform URL 

Decide your chosen URL i.e. On the admin dashboard for your relevant platform, you can send this URL to the live chat team and they will setup your chosen URL providing it is available and meets suitable criteria.

Please note: This can take up to 24 hours to take affect and in rare cases longer (its usually quicker), but as this timeline is out of our hands, we recommend doing this before anything else. If you choose to go with a subdomain leveraging an existing domain, this can further extend the timeline as you will need to work with the internal team who manage your domain to make updates.

Send your desired URL to the live chat team who will set this up for you.

Live Chat.png

2. Whitelist to avoid access issues

Whitelist the CrowdComms platform to make sure there are no issues for your target audience accessing the platform.

Access whitelisting information here

3. Customise Email Sender Domain

The CrowdComms platform will send email comms for various actions. For example, when you send an email communication (optional), or when an attendee resets their password. As standard this comes from, to improve deliverability we highly recommend replacing this with your own domain.

Guide to manage this is here

4. Native App Submission

Please note: You can skip this step if you have opted for a web based only platform or to promote using the CrowdComms container app (Apple, Google Play). 

This step is required for CrowdComms to submit your platform to the Apple and Google Play so you have a custom native app.

Important: Native submissions take 3 weeks, we recommend allowing for 6 weeks to allow any back and forth with Apple and Google if they reject the first submission for any reason. With this extended timeline, we highly recommend starting the submission process early.

Native Guide