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Promotion Best Practices: Video Tutorial

Important: Please make sure you have completed these Essential Tasks and you have carried out a QC check before platform promotion. Failure to do so, may impact the promotion and wider user experience. 

We recommend a multi staged promotion plan to maximise adoption of your event app, virtual or hybrid platform. This can be broken down into three stages, pre event promotion, during event promotion, and post event promotion. 

The key with any successful comms plan is to consider the purpose of your event, and who your audience are. Your comms plan should be built around these considerations and leaning into the value your invited audience will get from downloading / accessing the platform. 

Pre Event Promotion During Event Promotion Post Event Promotion

Multiple rounds of email comms

Two primary focuses: 

  1. How users access the platform and login
  2. Highlight the benefits to the attendee.. what's in it for them! 

Recommendation: Create exclusive app / platform content: 

  • By making your documents, videos and more only available on the platform, you create urgency for invitees to access and benefit from the wider content and features. 

Example comms plan: 

Three rounds of emails, using platform analytics to target logged in / not logged in with different comms. 

  1. Invite users to the platform highlight key features and benefits.
  2. Follow up to remind people to update profile to prepare for networking and get some points as part of the wider event game - highlight any prizes. 
  3. Reminder that the event is starting soon, download the app / platform as this will be crucial to maximise your event experience.

Example highlights: 

  1. Pre event reading / videos to watch in advance
  2. Explore the agenda and plan your day
  3. Personalised agenda
  4. Only place to access the latest event info 
  5. Networking
  6. Where you will participate in session feedback
  7. Event game and prizes
  8. Access FAQs and a live help desk
  9. Book meetings 
  10.  View the abstracts and make notes
  11. Provide feedback

Onsite and digital signs showing how to download the platform and WHY

  • Pop up banners and event branding around the venue, build in QR codes or details linked to downloading the app
  • Display screens / TVs around the venue, promote the app 

Concierge: Leverage your hosts / hostesses

  • Train your team in advance so they are comfortable with downloading the app and showing people how to do so. 
  • When welcoming attendees remind them of how to download the app and why its important to do so. Help them if they need support. 

House keeping: Your speakers hold the keys to great adoption! 

  • Make sure you have house keeping slides ready for the opening session so your key note speaker can introduce the app, how to access and key benefits.
  • For sessions with live engagement, slides should be included at the beginning and before any engagement to encourage participation. 

Alerts and notifications: 

  • This is to drive those logged in to specific areas of the app. Promote sponsors, upcoming sessions, live engagement and more. 
  • If you have a native app, leverage push notifications. 
  • Pre schedule as many of your alerts as possible in advance to reduce workload during your event. 

Incentivise behaviour with games and prizes: 

  • Include a prize that will incentivise users to download and participate in your session engagement and wider event game.

CrowdComms Kiosks & Badges

  • Branded decals and kiosk display to promote key areas of your event
  • Promote the app on the back of the badge

Multiple rounds of email comms or email alerts & push notifications 

Example areas to highlight: 

  • Access exclusive post event content only shown after i.e. highlights video, lessons learnt document etc. 
  • Survey, help us improve and win prize
  • Documents and videos on demand 
  • Post event networking
  • Book meeting with our sponsors that you missed
  • Be the first to hear about our next event

Consider upgrading and converting your event to a 12 month community / event series platform

  • Take advantage of your captive audience
  • Regular content updates
  • Ongoing community networking and sponsorship exposure
  • Regular webinars, internal meetings, and events all housed in one platform