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Before You Start

For a seamless experience, the planning stage is absolutely critical. By scoping out exactly what you want to achieve from your event app, virtual, or hybrid event platform, you set yourself up for a straight forward build process. 

Ask yourself, what is the purpose of your event? 

The CrowdComms platform has a vast feature set, the first question you should ask is why are you bringing these people together? A great event app / platform, will help deliver your event goals, whether these are seamless content sharing, session engagement, networking, or building a fun and memorable experience.... maybe its all of the above! Focus on building the app to support your event, some of the best event apps are simple and focus on key content and features rather than trying to do everything. 

Now you have thought about the purpose of the event, you can plan out what options to include and how to leverage the CrowdComms platform to help achieve your event specific goals. 

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