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Welcome to the Analytics Dashboard and Reporting feature! This formidable tool within the CMS empowers you to effortlessly acquire high-level insights into your events. From monitoring adoption rates to pinpointing the most-viewed modules and beyond, this feature provides a comprehensive overview to enhance your understanding of event dynamics.

For those seeking more in-depth analysis, the capability to export reports into a spreadsheet is readily available. These detailed reports, conveniently sent directly to your email, offer a closer examination of crucial metrics. Moreover, you will have the flexibility to analyse and seamlessly integrate these spreadsheets into your preferred reporting visualisation tools, ensuring a tailored and insightful approach to event analytics. Immerse yourself in the capabilities of our Analytics Dashboard and Reporting feature, unlocking a new level of precision and control for your event management.

When you log in to your CMS Dashboard, the latest addition awaits you – the Analytics tab! This tab opens up a world of insights, featuring both the Dashboard and the Exports functionalities.

Starting with the Dashboard, your default view includes data from your event date. However, flexibility is at your fingertips – you have the power to adjust the date range. Whether you wish to broaden or narrow the timeframe, this feature allows for a tailored analysis of your event data.

It's worth noting that although you may only intend to review a single day's worth of data, it is recommended to select a date range spanning 24 hours. This ensures comprehensive coverage and accuracy in your analytics. All of the data that you see on the Dashboard and the Reports is representative of the date parameter.

So, let's dive into the Analytics tab and explore how to leverage these features to gain valuable insights into your events!


Now, let's explore the key measures available on the Dashboard:

  1. Viewing Stats:
    -    The stats encompass total page views, highest daily views, and average session time.
  2. Adoption Breakdown and Ratio:
    -    This breakdown details the total logged-in users, users yet to log in, and the corresponding percentage.
    -    The percentage is derived by dividing the total number of logged-in users by the overall count of users granted access to the event app.
  3. Page views over time:
    -    A line graph illustrating the cumulative number of page views across the selected date parameter in the report.
  4. Popular Devices Breakdown:
    -    A breakdown showcasing the percentage of users accessing the platform via various devices during your event.
  5. Top Modules Views:
    -    A bar chart displaying the total number of times modules within the app have been viewed.
  6. Activity Feed Stats:
    -    Stats displaying the total number of posts and comments captured in the Activity Feed Module.
  7. Agenda Stats:
    -    Stats showcasing the total number of sessions created, along with the count of times they've been favourited and added to users' schedules.
  8. Live Polls Stats:
    -    Stats reveal the total number of users completing live polls and the overall number of responses to live poll questions.
  9. Q&A Stats:
    -    Stats indicating the total number of users posing questions and the aggregate likes or vote-ups received.
  10. Survey Stats:
    -    Stats revealing the total number of users completing surveys and the overall number of survey questions responded to.
  11. Documents:
    -    Stats reflecting the total number of documents uploaded to the platform.
  12. People Views:
    -    A bar chart showcasing the top 10 most popular users on the platform and the number of times their profiles have been viewed by other users.
  13. Company Views:
    -    A bar chart highlighting the top 10 most popular companies on the platform and the number of times their profiles have been viewed by other users.

Analytics 1.png

Analytics 2.png

Analytics 3.png

Analytics 4.png

Reporting Exports

In the Analytics tab, navigate to the secondary tab to explore the Reporting Exports feature, providing comprehensive insights into your event. For detailed information, simply click the "Email Report" button, and the report will be promptly sent to your email.

Exporting data from Surveys, Polls and Q&A's

User responses to surveys, live polls and Q&A's can all be downloaded from the 'Libraries' tab in the left hand menu, under the 'Engagement' section . 

download reports.png

Simply click the Export button in relevant section to download your report, at which point, if applicable, there will be checkbox options to include names in the data and to include custom fields. This allows you to keep the report anonymous or not as desired:

Survey export.png