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Company Profiles: Video Tutorial

The new company profiles ensures any companies sponsoring or exhibiting can showcase their branding, highlight who they are; what they have to offer and why people should take note. In platform functionality makes it quick and easy for platform users to contact experts linked to the companies through chat, email, phone and video call.  

The flexible CrowdComms platform allows you to rename any module including these new company profiles to repurpose for other uses including showcasing internal products or highlighting content where you wish to show several images along with different types of content in a format that is optimised across devices. 

  • View example company profile (Screenshots below) 
  • Attached in the left hand menu you will find:
    • CC-Sponsorship 21.pdf highlights sponsor and exhibitor exposure
    • Company-Booths-Specifications.pdf providing a detailed breakdown of the new company profiles. An image of this pdf is included below


 gb2.png  gb4.png  dafd].png