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Favourited Sessions

In App

As an app user, it's possible to "star" or "favourite" sessions within an agenda. To do this, tap the "star" icon when in an agenda list view and you'll see the star will fill in, signifying it's been favourited. You can also favourite a session when inside the session page - just press the "Add to my Agenda" button next to the "Make Notes" button on the session page.

To view all the sessions you've favourited, open the app's right hand menu and choose "My Schedule". You'll then see all the sessions within the app that you've personally favourited so you can plan your time at the event.

It's also possible to add these favourted sessions to your device's calendar by pressing the download icon on this page.

crowdcomms.com_virtual_user_personal-agenda(iPhone 6_7_8 Plus) (1).png


As an event organiser, you may be interested to know which sessions have received the most favourites by your app users. To find out, head over to the Agenda module you'd like to see favourites for, then choose the "Import / Export" tab. 

There's a "Favourited Sessions" Export button. Pressing this will provide you with an Excel file showing a full list of sessions, with their start and end dates and times, as well as a comma separated cell with all the users who have favourited each sessions.